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What’s a Whiteboard Video?

Use illustrations and drawings on a virtual or real whiteboard to tell your brand story! Typically accompanied by a voiceover, these videos are popular a popular way to convey simplicity, clarity, and engaging messaging. Create the effect of someone sketching or explaining concepts in real-time, making complex ideas more accessible.

Who knew doodling could lead to more leads, better engagement, and higher revenue? Let us introduce you to… whiteboard video! *Da-da-da-daaaaa!*

A whiteboard video is basically like having your own personal artist in your pocket – kind of like having a tiny Veronica (our creative director) within arm’s length. In this style of animation, a hand-drawn illustration is created on a whiteboard, capturing the viewer’s attention and guiding them through a story or explanation.

Whiteboard videos typically involve a time-lapse effect that speeds up the drawing process and adds a dynamic element to the video, while a voiceover artist narrates the story or provides additional context.

These videos are a popular choice for businesses looking to explain complex ideas or concepts in a simple, engaging way. So, pull out that tiny, pocket-sized Veronica for product demos, educational content, and marketing campaigns!

Here are some benefits of using a whiteboard animated video for your business:

Captures Attention

Captures Attention

Whiteboard animated videos are visually appealing and engaging, making them an effective tool for grabbing and holding the audience's attention.

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Simplifies Complex Ideas

Whiteboard animated videos are a great way to break down complex concepts or ideas into simple and easy-to-understand visuals. This can make your content more accessible and help your audience understand your message better.

Is Versatile

Increases Retention & Recall

Whiteboard animated videos combine both visual and auditory elements, making them a powerful tool for increasing retention and recall of information.

Complex Ideas

Is Versatile

Whiteboard animated videos can be used for a variety of purposes, from explainer videos to educational content, marketing campaigns, and more.

Types of Whiteboard Videos

Hand Drawn Whiteboard

Give your clients a unique blend of engagement, simplicity, and personalization. This dynamic style captures attention, making complex concepts clear and memorable. The hand-drawn element adds authenticity, fostering a connection with viewers. 

Artwork Whiteboard

Use creative and visually engaging drawings to convey your brand in a compelling story. Unlike generic graphics, these animations emphasize artistic expression, allowing for unique and memorable visual experiences.

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