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Leave a legacy on film with a documentary about your business or your life.

What’s a Corporate Documentary Video?

Looking to showcase the heart of your organization and inspire action? Create an impactful corporate documentary videos. From highlighting employee passion to showcasing the impact your organization has made, our documentaries leave a lasting impression.

A corporate documentary is a film or video that tells the story of a company, brand, or organization. It often covers the history, mission, values, and achievements of the company, as well as its key players and major milestones. Corporate documentaries are typically used to promote a company’s image, enhance its reputation, and increase its visibility to target audiences. They can be produced in a variety of formats, including feature-length films, shorter documentaries, or episodic series, and can be distributed through various channels, such as television, streaming services, or social media.

Corporate Documentaries can be used:

  1. To explain a company’s purpose in one of the most compelling and popular video formats available
  2. To emotionally connect with your audience on a particular topic so that they find relevance and meaning with your message

Types of Corporate Documentary Videos

RBH Group EB5 Investment Video

EB-5 investment provided the initial capital for Teachers Village, and it was this documentary video that ultimately secured the necessary funding.

Came to Believe Recovery Impact Documentary

This Came to Believe Recovery documentary inspired donations by showcasing the transformative power of their faith-based addiction recovery program.
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