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Craft Your Vision into a Professional Commercial Video that Captivates and Converts

What’s a Commercial Video?

Wow your audience with concise message, engaging storytelling, and high-quality visuals. With Entertainment on the throne, elevate your target audience with a fun commercial that brags about your services or product while leaving your audience wanting more. Video Made Better works with you to create memorable videos that align with brand identity for lasting impact.
Ah, the commercial video – the type of video advertising that we’re all so familiar with. Think of them as if they were mini movies, but with more product shots, product mentions, and a lot less plot. This type of video production can include a range of formats, such as TV commercials, online ads, social media content, and product videos. The goal is to create engaging and compelling content that will capture the attention of the target audience and encourage them to take action, whether that is to make a purchase, visit a website, or learn more about a product or service. 

Commercial video production typically involves a team of crazy creatives – AKA professionals – including producers, directors, writers, videographers, and editors, who work together to bring the client’s vision to life.

Types of Commercial Videos

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations act as your brand’s on-screen storytellers, offering a visual tour of your product’s features and benefits. Think of it as a virtual guide, transforming complex details into an engaging showcase that lets your audience see the product in action. 

Brand Videos

Brand videos are a bright and engaging way to bring your audience deep into your businesses’s world. They allow you to showcase bits of the customer experience, as well as an insiders experience into what your business is like. 

Customer Testimonials

Client testimonial videos are marketing powerhouses. They offer authentic endorsements, building trust and credibility by showcasing real people’s positive experiences with your product or service. These videos humanize your brand, making it relatable and persuasive. 

Explainer Videos

Simplify complexities, increasing and audience engagement. Their captivating visuals and concise messaging boost conversion rates and contribute to brand recognition. Versatile across platforms, these videos are effective digital storytellers, building trust and enhancing overall business impact.

Social Media Ads

Short and attention-grabbing commercial videos can be used as social media ads to promote a business’s products or services to a wider audience.

Company Culture Videos

Take your audience by the hand while giving them an eye-opening experience into what your company is really about. Company culture videos set you apart from your competition while making your audience excited to work with and for your business. 

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