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What’s an Event Video?

An event video is a type of video that captures live events such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, and other gatherings. Kind of like a highlight reel of your business’ social life. A Video Made Better ours would include a lot of coffee dates, silly team chats, & creative brainstorming sessions.
Event videos can be used to document the event for archival or promotional purposes, showcase the atmosphere and energy of the event, and create a lasting impression on attendees and viewers. Capture exciting content like footage of speakers, presentations, booths, activities, and more. It’s kind of like a party favor, except, instead of a stress ball, you get a video full of memories. How authentic!

Event videos have several benefits for businesses, including:



Event videos can be used to promote future events or highlight the success of past events to potential attendees, sponsors, or partners.



Event videos can engage audiences who were unable to attend the event in person, giving them a chance to experience it virtually and feel more connected to your brand.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Event videos can be used to generate leads by showcasing your company's products or services, and providing valuable content that educates and informs viewers.



Event videos can provide a high return on investment by repurposing the footage for future marketing materials, training materials, or internal communications.

Types of Event Videos

Sizzle Reel

A Sizzle Reel is a fast-paced montage of the best highlights of an event for the purpose of showcasing a particular speaker and/or participating organization.

Event Highlights

An event highlight video showcases exciting and interesting moments that are used to promote future events or share event successes.

Partial/Full Event Capture

Capturing an entire live event is often necessary and can be an excellent way to further share valuable information to those who could not attend. This is also a great way to pull shorter segments to be used as everything from sound bites to mini-lessons, offering value for promotion and teaching all at once!

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